Sheetz Coffee Menu

Sheetz Coffee Menu – Are you a fan of coffee and searching for a single-stop shop for all your coffee needs?

Check out Sheetz the convenience chain of stores that has become a standard for coffee lovers throughout in the United States.

With a broad selection of cold and hot coffee drinks, Sheetz has something for every person.

Sheetz Coffee Menu

In this complete guide, we’ll go over all the options on the Sheetz cafe menu which includes their signature blends, seasonal selections and the possibility of customizing.

So get yourself a cup of coffee and let’s begin!

Sheetz Coffee Menu

Sheetz Coffee Menu with prices

Sheetz Menu – If you’re not certain what blend to pick do not worry, you can request your barista to give you recommendations according to your tastes.

DrinkSizePriceMilk OptionsSyrup Options
Sheetz Bros. CoffeeSmall$1.19Whole, Skim, Almond,Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut
 Large$1.59Oat Milk 
Project CoffeeSmall$1.49Whole, Skim, Almond,Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut
 Large$1.89Oat Milk 
Cold BrewSmall$2.19Whole, Skim, Almond,Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut
 Large$2.79Oat Milk 
Pumpkin Pie LatteSmall$2.69Whole, Skim, Almond,Pumpkin Pie Syrup
 Large$3.49Oat Milk 
Peppermint MochaSmall$2.89Whole, Skim, Almond,Peppermint Syrup
 Medium$3.29SoyChocolate Sauce
 Large$3.69Oat MilkEspresso
Iced GingerbreadSmall$2.69Whole, Skim, Almond,Gingerbread Syrup
 Large$3.49Oat Milk 

Note:Prices may differ based on the location, and may change at any time without notice.

Sheetz Coffee Customization Options

Sheetz, at Sheetz there’s no limit to only the menu options You can also personalize your coffee according to your preferences. The customization options include:

  • Milk: Select from skim, whole almond, soy or whole milk to get that perfect consistency and taste for your beverage.
  • Syrups: Give your drink a bit more flavor to your diet with syrups such as caramel, vanilla or hazelnut.
  • Toppings: Top off your drink with chocolate shavings, whipped cream or cinnamon.

Sheetz also has a range of milk alternatives that are not dairy-based including oat milk as well as coconut milk for those who have dietary restrictions or preferential preferences.

Sheetz Caramel Macchiato Cold Brew Regular

Sheetz Menu Caramel Macchiato Cold Brew Regular
  • ✔️Sheetz’s Caramel Macchiato Cold Brew Price : $3.19
  • ✔️Sheetz’s Caramel Macchiato Cold Brew Colories : 101 Cals

Sheetz’s Caramel Macchiato Cold Brew is a delicious and refreshing coffee drink that combines the smoothness of cold brew with the richness of espresso and the sweetness of caramel.

This drink is made with cold brew coffee, vanilla sweet cream, a drizzle of caramel syrup, topped with espresso shots.

Plus, with the convenience of Sheetz’s self-serve Coffee to Go station, you can customize your Caramel Macchiato Cold Brew exactly to your liking.

Sheetz Made To Order Nitro Cold Brew

  • ✔️Sheetz Made To Order Nitro Cold Brew : $3.49
  • ✔️Sheetz Made To Order Nitro Cold Brew : 0 Cals

Sheetz has taken their coffee game up a notch with their made-to-order Nitro Cold Brew.

This innovative coffee drink is brewed with cold water and infused with nitrogen which gives it a creamy texture and rich flavor.

This drink is perfect for those who want a smoother, less acidic coffee experience with a touch of sophistication. Give it a try on your next Sheetz visit and experience the Nitro Cold Brew difference.

Sheetz Salted Caramel Iced Latte Regular

Sheetz Salted Caramel Iced Latte Regular
  • ✔️Sheetz’s Salted Caramel Iced Latte Prices : $3.99
  • ✔️Sheetz’s Salted Caramel Iced Latte Colories : 149 Cals

Sheetz’s Salted Caramel Iced Latte is a delicious and indulgent drink that is perfect for those hot summer days.

This latte is made with freshly brewed espresso and blended with milk and rich salted caramel syrup. It’s then Poured over ice for a refreshing, sweet treat that will satisfy your caffeine and sugar cravings.

Sheetz Low Sugar Caramel Vanilla Iced Latte Regular

Sheetz Salted Caramel Iced Latte Regular
  • ✔️Sheetz’s Low Sugar Caramel Vanilla Iced Latte Regular Price : $3.99
  • ✔️Sheetz’s Low Sugar Caramel Vanilla Iced Latte Regular Colories : 2 Cals

Sheetz’s Low Sugar Caramel Vanilla Iced Latte Regular is the perfect choice for those who want a delicious coffee drink without all the added sugar.

Made with real espresso, this latte is infused with the flavors of Caramel and vanilla for a rich and creamy taste.

What Sets this drink apart is that it contains only 2 grams of sugar making it a great option for those Who are watching their sugar intake.

Does Starbucks have a coffee subscription?

This new program is designed to provide premium-priced Iced coffee within a matter of minutes after roasting.

Starbucks announced that customers will get your coffee between three and five days after roasting.

The orders can be fulfilled for one month ($24.99) or 3 months ($72) and for six months ($144) and the whole year.

What is Panera coffee subscription?

Panera’s Panera coffee subscription program was launched in February. 2020

It was available to everyone MyPanera Rewards program members and allowed subscribers to purchase an unlimited amount or drip coffee as well as iced coffee.

How do you get coffee at Sheetz?

Every Friday from December through the 6th of January, Sheetz will add a free offer to every My Sheetz Rewardz holder’s account.

A cup of coffee or coffee will be redeemable for a week after Sheetz transfers it to the customer’s account.

Can I customize my coffee order at Sheetz?

Absolutely! Everybody has different coffee preferences, we are aware of this. You are free to personalize your coffee order at Sheetz to your preferences.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time coffee offerings at Sheetz?

Yes, Sheetz provides seasonal and transient coffee options to spice up and diversify your coffee experience. You can indulge in seasonal, holiday and local flavor-inspired specialty coffee blends all year long.

To find a delicious coffee adventure, keep an eye on the menu or inquire with our helpful staff about the current seasonal choices.

Does Sheetz offer any dairy-free or vegan coffee options?

Yes, we make an effort to accommodate our customers’ varied dietary choices. You’ll be happy to know that Sheetz offers a selection of plant-based milk substitutes, including almond milk, soy milk.

Simply inform our baristas of your desire and they will prepare your coffee with the milk substitute of your choice.

FAQs – Sheetz Coffee Menu

What is Sheetz Bros. Coffee?

Sheetz Bros. Coffee is the signature blend of Sheetz’s coffee. It comes in three sizes: medium, small, and large.

What milk options are available for Sheetz coffee drinks?

Sheetz offers skim, whole soy, almond and Oat milk as options for milk for their coffee drinks.

What syrup options are available for Sheetz coffee drinks?

Sheetz offers caramel, vanilla hazelnut, pumpkin pie, hazelnut peppermint, and gingerbread syrups to enhance the flavor of their coffee drinks.

Are the prices for Sheetz coffee drinks the same at all locations?

The prices for Sheetz coffee drinks can differ in accordance with your location.

What are some of the special coffee drinks offered at Sheetz?

Sheetz offers a variety of specialty coffee drinks, such as the Mocha Frappuccino, Caramel Macchiato, and Nitro Cold Brew.

What are the hours of operation for the Sheetz Coffee bar?

Depending on the location, the Sheetz Coffee bar has different hours of operation. But the majority of Sheetz Coffee locations are open around the clock.

How much does a cup of coffee cost at Sheetz?

The size and type of coffee drink that you get at Sheetz determines how much it costs. But the average price of a small cup of steaming coffee is about $1.50.

What is the most popular coffee drink at Sheetz?

The Hot Coffee Over Ice is Sheetz’s most well-liked coffee beverage.

Sheetz Opening Hours

You have heard it correctly! You can go to Sheetz at any time or anytime during the day.

MondayOpen 24 Hours
TuesdayOpen 24 Hours
WednesdayOpen 24 Hours
ThursdayOpen 24 Hours
FridayOpen 24 Hours
SaturdayOpen 24 Hours
SundayOpen 24 Hours

Sheetz Contact Information

  • Sheetz Corporate Office Address: 5700 6th Ave, Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602
  • Sheetz Corporate Phone Number: (814) 946-5106

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Sheetz has a variety of coffee menu, with a variety of custom options to accommodate various preferences and tastes.

From the classic Sheetz Bros. Coffee to seasonal drinks such as Pumpkin Pie Latte to Peppermint Mocha, Sheetz has everything to satisfy any coffee-loving person’s desire.