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Sheetz Hot Beverages Menu



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The delicious items on the Sheetz Hot Beverages Menu combine warmth and comfort in a way that makes you want to eat them.

As the seasons change and a crisp chill fills the air, the steam rising from a perfectly brewed cup of coffee is hard to avoid.

From classic drinks that bring back memories to new blends that push the limits of taste, the Sheetz Hot Beverages Menu offers a journey of taste that will warm not only your hands but also your heart.

Join us as we taste our way through this unique menu. Each sip tells a story of tradition, creativity, and pure indulgence.

Sheetz Hot Beverages Menu

Sheetz Hot Beverages Menu

From classic choices to innovative concoctions, Sheetz offers a diverse range of options to tantalize your taste buds.

Hot Chai Regular $ 3.69
Double Espresso $ 1.99
Hot Chocolate Regular $ 3.79
Premium Hot Chocolate Regular $ 3.79
Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Regular $ 3.79
Reeses Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Regular $ 4.29
Hot Chocolate Caramel Regular $ 4.29
Almond Milk Hot Chocolate Regular $ 4.29
Blondie Hot Chocolate Regular $ 4.29
Hot MTO Latte Regular $ 3.79
Caramel Vanilla Hot Latte Regular $ 3.89
Low Sugar Caramel Vanilla Hot Latte Regular $ 3.89

Sheetz Hot Chai Regular

Indulge in the aromatic allure of Hot Chai, a soothing blend of rich black tea infused with a harmonious mix of spices.

With its warm and inviting flavors, this cup of Chai is a comforting companion for moments of relaxation.

Sheetz Double Espresso

For those seeking an extra kick of energy, the Double Espresso is a bold and intense choice.

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Crafted from finely ground coffee beans, this concentrated shot of espresso is the perfect pick-me-up for busy days.

Sheetz Hot Chocolate Regular

The classic Hot Chocolate Regular is a timeless favorite.

Smooth and velvety, it combines the richness of cocoa with the creaminess of milk, offering a familiar and comforting taste that brings joy with every sip.

Sheetz Premium Hot Chocolate Regular

Elevate your hot chocolate experience with the Premium Hot Chocolate Regular.

This indulgent treat takes the classic to new heights by using the finest cocoa and a touch of sophistication that’s sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Sheetz Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Regular

Experience the delightful contrast of sweet and savory with the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Regular.

This beverage marries the creamy goodness of hot chocolate with the irresistible allure of salted caramel, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Sheetz Reese’s Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Regular

Chocolate and peanut butter enthusiasts will delight in the Reese’s Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Regular.

Immerse yourself in the luscious fusion of chocolate and peanut butter, a combination that’s both nostalgic.

Sheetz Hot Chocolate Caramel Regular

Indulge in the delectable synergy of caramel and cocoa with the Hot Chocolate Caramel Regular.

This beverage offers a tantalizing balance of sweetness and richness that’s bound to satisfy your dessert cravings.

Sheetz Almond Milk Hot Chocolate Regular

For those with dietary preferences, the Almond Milk Hot Chocolate Regular offers a dairy-free alternative without compromising on taste.

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Enjoy the same velvety goodness with the subtle nuttiness of almond milk.

Sheetz Blondie Hot Chocolate Regular

The Blondie Hot Chocolate Regular introduces a unique twist to the classic hot chocolate.

With its white chocolate base, this beverage brings a milder yet equally indulgent flavor profile to the menu.

Sheetz MTO Latte Regular

A customizable delight, the MTO Latte Regular allows you to craft your perfect latte.

Choose your milk, espresso strength, and flavor to create a personalized cup that suits your preferences.

Sheetz Caramel Vanilla Hot Latte Regular

Indulge in the aromatic allure of caramel and vanilla with this delightful latte.

The Caramel Vanilla Hot Latte Regular offers a harmonious balance of sweetness and warmth, making each sip a comforting experience.

Sheetz Low Sugar Caramel Vanilla Hot Latte Regular

For those conscious of their sugar intake, the Low Sugar Caramel Vanilla Hot Latte Regular presents a guilt-free option.

Sheetz Opening Hours

You have heard it correctly! You can go to Sheetz at any time or anytime during the day.

Days Hours
Monday Open 24 Hours
Tuesday Open 24 Hours
Wednesday Open 24 Hours
Thursday Open 24 Hours
Friday Open 24 Hours
Saturday Open 24 Hours
Sunday Open 24 Hours

Contact Information – Sheetz

  • Sheetz Corporate Office Address: 5700 6th Ave, Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602
  • Sheetz Corporate Phone Number: (814) 946-5106

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FAQs – Sheetz Hot Beverages Menu

Can I customize the sweetness level of my hot beverage at Sheetz?

Yes, for sure! Sheetz gives you the option to change how sweet your hot drink is to your liking.

Are there dairy-free options available on the hot beverages menu?

Yes, Sheetz knows that people have different nutritional needs and offers dairy-free options to meet those needs.

What sizes are available for the hot beverages at Sheetz?

Most of the time, hot drinks at Sheetz come in different sizes, from normal to larger.

Are the hot beverages customizable in terms of flavor and toppings?

I agree! Many of the hot drinks on the menu can be made to your liking by adding different tastes.

Does Sheetz offer seasonal specialties on the hot beverages menu?

Yes, Sheetz has specials that change with the seasons. These specials have unique flavors and are only available for a short time.

Can I order hot beverages through Sheetz’s online ordering or delivery services?

Depending on where you live, Sheetz might have online or delivery services where you can order hot drinks.


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